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How do you choose the perfect ring? Our simple guide to understanding what styles suit each type of hand can help you choose the most flattering ring, there is a ring style out there to suit everyone.

When you want to find the most flattering ring for your hand, take a look at the shape of your fingers as well as the size of your hand. Different hand shapes look best with different shapes and sizes of stones. These guidelines can help you pick the most flattering ring for your hands. Keep in mind that you don’t have to give up ring shapes you really love; these are just guidelines.

Remember that a person with large hands and short fingers is likely to look best in different ring styles compared to a short-fingered person with small hands. Also, the width of the fingers can affect how a ring looks on the hand. Nail length and shape can make a difference too. When choosing rings, think of the proportion of the fit as well as the ring style you love. Try on different shapes and sizes of rings next time you go shopping to discover the most flattering rings for your hand.



The marquise shape can help add the illusion of length to shorter fingers, as does Pear or teardrop shapes which are also usually very flattering on short fingers as well.

Big rectangular rings are probably the least flattering, this is because they can overwhelm short fingers making them look even shorter. Try and choose rings with narrow bands, or try stacking rings which can also be worn by women with short fingers; provided each individual ring is quite delicate.


Marquise shapes often just make long fingers look even longer than they actually are, the marquise is a stretched out oblong shape with pointed ends. Pear or oval shaped stones may also not be very flattering on longer fingers. Round rings are often the most flattering ring for this finger type, and stacking rings also look spectacular on longer fingers.


Heart-shaped or round stones may not always be the most flattering ring for a hand with narrow fingers. Thicker band style rings may help add horizontal lines to narrow fingers to help them look wider. Wearing rings with small stones may also help thinner fingers look wider; Try pavé set chunky cocktail rings.


Wider types of marquise styles may flatter short, wide fingers. The idea is not to have two much skin showing on each side of the ring or fingers can look wider. Round stones in larger settings/clusters may look best.

Many women with wide fingers usually have a square hand shape, if this is the case for you a square ring style will exaggerate this feature more. Chunky cabochon rings are perfect for softening these hands and making them appear more elegant.


Small heart-shaped, oval, round or square stones may all be flattering on small hands. The main thing to remember is to keep the proportion of the ring small.

Small ovals may also make flattering rings for those with small hands, but stacking rings may not be that flattering unless the fingers are long.


Rings with very small stones may just look lost on large hands. Try larger rings that suit your personality. You may even be able to wear really bulky or chunky ring styles as well.

A well proportioned ring to suit your hand type can even make your hands look smaller and more feminine, don’t hide your hands away by not wearing jewellery.