Different Types Of WATCHES

With a proliferation in watch collecting over the years, it can take time to understand the key differences between the different types of watches out there. While you may not understand the key differences, we all know that watches are integral to a modern-day look.

Here at Francis & Gaye, we've broken our categories into various watch types to help give you a deeper understanding of the key differences, so you can find the perfect watch for your collection that meets your needs. From divers to mechanical watches, let's delve into our guide to exploring the different types of watches.


How many types of watches are there?

The simple answer to how many types of watches there are is that there is no answer. With integrated collaborations and various subcategories, one thing is clear - all watches are unique and there’s lots to choose from.

What types of watches are there?

Over time new watches have arisen to cater to the particular needs of watch wearers. You’ll find diver watches for those delving into deep waters, stunning timepieces perfect for a milestone gift and even smart watches for those looking to excel in sport. At Francis & Gaye; we've broken our watch types into nine categories, considering styling choice, durability and lifestyle.



A mechanical watch is a stunning timekeeping piece carefully designed for longevity, estimated to last around 150 to 200 years. Also known as a manual winding watch, mechanical watches require you to self-wind for power, with each power session lasting between 40-70 hours, depending on the brand.

In a world where everything is fast-paced, rewinding your watch adds a delicate charm to everyday life while giving you 100% control over your timekeeping and removing all stresses about a dying battery. This vintage way of timekeeping is a favourite within the collecting community, becoming many brands' staple pieces, including Doxa and Hamilton.

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Automatic watches are best described as modernised manual watches, as they are manual by design, but they do not need to be self-winded. In an automatic watch, a weighted rotor is combined into the design, allowing power to generate and transition throughout the barrel when gravity hits - removing any need for a battery.

Automatic watches are a great option for those looking for convenience and style. With less control due to the removal of the winder, this effortless approach adds ease, leaving rewinding behind. Heavily focused on precision, an automatic is an accurate timekeeping choice hitting the nearest millisecond. This blend of traditional and modern is proudly designed by many brands, including Junghans and Bremont.

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Watchmakers have spent decades trialling various materials. With trial and error, ceramic watches have become a huge success. This high-tech material is different from the ceramic material found in other utensils, using non-metallic powders, such as zirconium oxide, to guarantee a durable and luxurious look.

For those seeking a luxurious aesthetic, ceramic watches are a great choice to explore due to the nature of this material being highly flexible, and available in various colours and styles to suit your aesthetic. A perfect choice for daily usage, ceramic watches are long-lasting pieces that fit effortlessly into your daily routine while being durable enough to withstand an outdoor adventure in a harsh climate.

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The admired chronograph watch perfectly combines a stopwatch and a display watch. This watch has precision at its core, keeping an accurate time to the nearest millisecond and has an added stopwatch function for those practical scenarios. Like many other watches, you can find various styles and materials to coincide with your style.

Chronograph watches are commonly seen with a sub-dial and an independent sweep which fits into a simplistic design. Made by specialist watchmakers such as Casio G-Shock and Seiko to add convenience to your duties for many years to come.

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Diamond-set watches combine expert gem-setting with watchmaking. Making these watches a must-have for those looking for a milestone gift or look. With diamond-set watches holding sapphires, rubies or diamonds, they accompany you with unparalleled style and luxury, and no matter your needs, these are sure to impress with their attention to detail and opulent look.

Adding glamour; diamond-set watches are an ideal choice for those looking to add elegance to their outfit. From a stunning ball gown dress to a night out with those you love, a diamond set watch from some of our favourite brands like Longines and Maurice Lacroix is a stunning way to accessorise.

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A divers watch was originally designed to withstand the high pressures of deep waters for divers, and as time has developed, these watches have been enhanced with functional properties for diving, including precision tactics for safety. While these are a lifeline for avid divers, divers watches remain a favourite amongst watch collectors due to their unique look and impeccable longevity.

Available in an array of styles, the commonalities of diver watches remain the same. They are water resistant for at least 100 metres, illuminance for moments when light is bleak and have a rotating bezel to examine how long you have been underwater. Practical in and out of the water, a divers watch will surely add a unique touch to your watch collection.

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A smartwatch takes a high-tech approach giving off a resolutely athletic appearance. A great option for those who love gadgets and smartphones, smartwatches provide a unique experience with various features not available from traditional watches: including step and sleep trackers, heart monitors and the ability to manage music and calls.

Smartwatches are ideal for any fitness enthusiast and will quickly become your best accessory, combining cutting-edge technology with elite designs to give you that added motivation to go the extra mile. Whether you're looking to break some new personal goals or want a sleek watch that connects effortlessly to your smartphone, a smartwatch may be the right choice. Check out our favourite smartwatch brands, including Instinct, Aikon and D2.

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Switzerland has been the home of expert watchmaking since the 16th century. With this immense heritage, you can showcase your taste for sophistication with swiss-made watches from our curated collection. It's a common misconception that a Swiss Watch has to be created in Switzerland. This is not the case. A Swiss-made watch is a watch that has been made with the same immensely high standards that original Swiss watchmakers require.

Showcasing centuries' worth of expertise, here at Francis & Gaye, we've built enduring relationships with the best watchmakers and have a stunning collection for you to explore. Swiss-made watches come in various styles, from quartz to mechanical, with different materials and colours. All are unique, with one piece of uniformity being that they are all expertly crafted to the highest standards.

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Titanium is a low-density and corrosion-resistant metal, and when incorporated into a watch, you're left with a timeless piece that can be worn for years to come. Titanium comes in various grades, including lighter to darker options to suit your aesthetic. While they are around the same price point as stainless steel, titanium is significantly more hardwearing.

This durable option is great for those searching for something significantly more robust, such as those who go out on outdoor adventures or have labour-intensive jobs. Don't worry, you're not sacrificing style. Brands like Garmin and Bering pridefully showcase titanium watches that come in seamless designs, sleek builds and an array of colour options so you can find the right watch for you.

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